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Ancient Babylonian Medicine

Theory and Practice

Markham J. Geller

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Utilizing a great variety of previously unknown cuneiform tablets,Ancient Babylonian Medicine: Theory and Practice examinesthe way medicine was practiced by various Babylonian professionalsof the 2nd and 1st millennium B.C. * Represents the first overview of Babylonian medicine utilizingcuneiform sources, including archives of court letters, medicalrecipes, and commentaries written by ancient scholars * Attempts to reconcile the ways in which medicine and magic wererelated * Assigns authorship to various types of medical literature thatwere previously considered anonymous * Rejects the approach of other scholars that have attempted toapply modern diagnostic methods to ancient illnesses


(Antiquity Reviews, 2011)
"Ancient Babylonian Medicineis an important andfascinating book which not only provides a much needed introductionto the theory and practice of medicine in ancient Mesopotamia butalso makes a significant contribution to the study of ancientMesopotamian scholarship. It is clearly and elegantly written,nicely illustrated, and well produced." (Aestimatio, 1 June 2013) "This book is a rare achievement: as a scholarly work, it providesan important addition to the history of medicine; for the generalreader, it is a fascinating introduction to the theory and practiceof medicine in Mesopotamian society."
(Bryn MawrClassical Review, 19 August 2011)
"In sum, Geller has written a remarkably useful and thoughtfulvolume on what is an elusive topic. Assyriologists and historiansof medicine will gain much from reading this work and it willcertainly become required reading for the discipline."
. (Times Literary Supplement, 21January 2011)
"Markham J. Geller brings a welcome, dual expertise now ratherrare in medical history (he is an MD as well as a Rabbi andProfessor of Semitic Languages), and some of his previous studiesof Talmudic texts led him to the discovery of medical loan-wordsthat turned out to be embedded Akka-dian dating from the periodknown as the "Babylonian Captivity"
Philip van der Eijk, Humboldt University Berlin
"He appends a commentary probably composed by the Uruk scholarIqisa, who flourished in the latter part of the fourth century BC;the transcription, and possibly the translation, is from a 1924edition by Campbell Thompson." (SciTech Book News, December2010)"A magisterial overview of Babylonian medicine, extremely wellwritten. Geller is eminently successful in opening up the subjectto non-experts and stimulating historians of medicine of otherperiods to engage with the field."
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