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A Companion to Ancient Egypt

Alan B. Lloyd (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Altertum


This companion provides the very latest accounts of the major andcurrent aspects of Egyptology by leading scholars. Delivered in ahighly readable style and extensively illustrated, it offersunprecedented breadth and depth of coverage, giving full scope tothe discussion of this incredible civilization. * Provides the very latest and, where relevant, well-illustratedaccounts of the major aspects of Egypt?s ancient history andculture * Covers a broad scope of topics including physical context,history, economic and social mechanisms, language, literature, andthe visual arts * Delivered in a highly readable style with students and scholarsof both Egyptology and Graeco-Roman studies in mind * Provides a chronological table at the start of each volume tohelp readers orient chapters within the wider historicalcontext


(Antiquity, 1 January 2013)
"Alan Lloyd's edited two-volume Companion to ancientEgypt is a very impressive achievement . . . Wendrich and Lloydhave shown that text and reference books on ancient Egypt can beaccessible and interesting and can serve to break traditionalboundaries between Egyptology and the related disciplines ofArchaeology and Classics, for which they should be heartilycongratulated."
(Near EasternArchaeology, 2012)
"The Companion is a well-edited, comprehensive approach tothe history, culture, literature, and high art of ancient Egypt... In bringing together some of the best authors on theirrespective topics, Lloyd has assembled an in-depth complement toancient Egyptian studies."
(Bryn MawrClassical Review, 14 October 2011)
"The aim of this companion is to provide a competent andauthoritative overview on ancient Egypt. This has been accomplishedwell. All articles are concise, with comprehensive summaries whichreflect the most recent scholarship. The interested reader,student, or scholar will find a very helpful and satisfactoryplatform to start from with this companion. It will guide him orher to further reading and in their own research."
(Reference Reviews, 2011)
"This Companion is a current, readable and, onoccasion, illustrated account of all major events, aspects ofhistory and culture in ancient has a broad appealwith an extensive range of subjects covered in differing depthsallowing the reader to dip in for pleasure or study."
(Choice, 1 March 2011)
"For anyone interested in ancient Egypt . . . Recommended. Alllevels/libraries."
(BookNews, Inc., November 2010)
"Part of a highly regarded series, this 2-volume work offers thestudent, interested general reader, and specialist a thorough andup-to-date resource on ancient Egypt. Written by curators andacademics at museums and institutions in Egypt, Europe, and NorthAmerica, the chapters present definitions and context in framingthe current state of the question for each topic, with the timeframe deliberately extended into the Greco-Roman period."
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Ägyptologie, Geschichte des ägyptischen Altertums, Archaeology, Classical Studies, Archäologie, Ägypten /Alte Geschichte, Ancient Egyptian History, Humanistische Studien