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Patient Safety

Charles Vincent

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When you are ready to implement measures to improve patient safety,this is the book to consult. Charles Vincent, one of the world'spioneers in patient safety, discusses each and every aspect clearlyand compellingly. He reviews the evidence of risks and harms topatients, and he provides practical guidance on implementing saferpractices in health care. The second edition puts greater emphasis on this practical side.Examples of team based initiatives show how patient safety can beimproved by changing practices, both cultural and technological,throughout whole organisations. Not only does this benefitpatients; it also impacts positively on health care delivery, withconsequent savings in the economy. Patient Safety has been praised as a gateway tounderstanding the subject. This second edition is more than that- it is a revelation of the pervading influence of healthcare errors, and a guide to how these can be overcome. "... The beauty of this book is that it describes the complexityof patient safety in a simple coherent way and captures the breadthof issues that encompass this fascinating field. The authorprovides numerous ways in which the reader can take this subjectfurther with links to the international world of patient safety andevidence based research... One of the most difficult aspects ofpatient safety is that of implementation of safer practices andsustained change. Charles Vincent, through this book,provides all who read it clear examples to help with thesechallenges" From a review in Hospital Medicine by Dr SuzetteWoodward, Director of Patient Safety. Access 'Essentials of Patient Safety - Free OnlineIntroduction'


(Bulletin Royal College of Path, 1 July 2011)
"Therefore I believe that this book should be read byanyone involved in, or responsible for healthcare."
(Dr.Nicholas P. G. Davies (Halifax, UK) posted January 1,2011)
"This is a superb book. I can strongly recommend it to alldoctors, to medical students, to other clinical staff and tomanagers who have to try and make sense of the chaotic complexityof healthcare. The author's expertise is demonstrated throughout,and his examples are drawn from UK, American, European healthcaresystems, with appropriate comparison across to other industrieswhere they are useful."
(Doody's, 7 October 2011)
"This book is a tremendous asset in advancing the field ofpatient safety. The book is well-referenced and current andprovides a comprehensive yet very readable summary of patientsafety. It will serve well anyone who is involved in patient care.In describing this book, the words, "expert", "indispensable", and"worthwhile" come to mind. This is a significant update of theprevious edition."
(Casebook, 1 May 2011)
"The sections on 'designing out' hospital acquiredinfection are helpful for infection control staff and architects.Prescribers and pharmacists benefit from seeing how IT can reducemedication errors". (ENT & Audiology News, 1 July 2011)"Thisbook is an outstanding comprehensive overview an summary of the keyissues relating to patient safety, as one might hope and expectfrom one of the leading international experts and researchers inthis field."
(Occupational Medicine, 4 June 2011)
"I would recommend this book to all occupational healthprofessionals working in health care, particularly those who sit onclinical risk, infection prevention control or health and safetycommittees."
(The Association For Perioperative Practice, 1March 2011)
"This book is highly recommended or anyone in health care withan interest in patient safety. Every practitioner will getsomething from it."

"This book is directed to those involved in health care andpatient safety. It can be used in the classroom setting toillustrate human error and correction methods to provide a saferpatient experience. In the institutional setting, this text wouldbe a useful addition to the medical library, as well as personallibraries of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, or other health-careproviders interested in patient safety."
--Lucian Leape, Adjunct Professor of Health Policy,Harvard University
(The Journal of Pharmacy Technology, 1 March 2011)"This book isessential reading for everyone in health care, but in particular itis a must read for those starting out, training to be the futuredoctors, nurses, managers and other health-care practitioners."(British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 1 January 2011)"The first edition was superb. This sounds even better."
--Sir Muir Gray, Chief Knowledge Officer to the NHS
"This is the one book on patient safety I would take to mydesert island to ensure that the health service delivered to methere, by whatever means, minimised the risk of error andharm."
--Aneez Esmail, Professor of General Practice,University of Manchester
"The beauty of Vincent's book is the unique insight given on thesubject by the foremost researcher on patient safety in theUK."
--Phil Hammond, Author of Trust me I'm still adoctor
"Patient Safety by Charles Vincent is a wise, balanced,insightful and motivating overview. I should have read itearlier"
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