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The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development

Usha Goswami (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


This definitive volume is the result of collaboration by topscholars in the field of children's cognition. * New edition offers an up-to-date overview of all the majorareas of importance in the field, and includes new data fromcognitive neuroscience and new chapters on social cognitivedevelopment and language * Provides state-of-the-art summaries of current research byinternational specialists in different areas of cognitivedevelopment * Spans aspects of cognitive development from infancy to theonset of adolescence * Includes chapters on symbolic reasoning, pretend play, spatialdevelopment, abnormal cognitive development and current theoreticalperspectives


. (Reference Reviews, 2011)
"All these will find the material in this new companion topical and challenging . . The essays are provided with generous and well-chosen lists of further reading, and many of the works will or should be in any well-stocked academic or research library"
(The Psychologist, May 2011)
"This is an authoritative, comprehensive and cutting-edge account of psychological theory and research on children's cognitive development from infants to early adolescence. Written by a cast of world leading academics, this handbook provides a single volume resource that covers all the major topics...This second edition reflects the significant developments within the field arising from the latest cognitive neuropsychological research...This handbook brings together such a wealth of material to constitute possibly the single best reference book in its subject area and, as such, should serve as a key text for advanced students, researchers and practitioners."
(Julia Carroll, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 44:6)
"Overall, the handbook is a thoughtful and valuable reference work, to which users can refer for an impressive range of research."
(Martin Guha, Librarian, Institute of Psychiatry, Reference Reviews, 17 February 2003)
"Though the structure of this book is similar to other volumes in the series, I welcome it with even greater enthusiasm than the rest. While they all summarise and review the latest scientific research in their particular area of child development, research in the field of infant cognition has, in the last few years, completely overturned all previous conceptions. This volume, therefore, not only summarises and updates the literature in its field, but also replaces much of it ... at the moment this book series is the cutting edge ... As with other volumes in the series, all libraries serving postgraduate level studies in psychology and related disciplines should seriously consider acquisition."
(K.L. Hartlep, California State University, Bakersfield, Choice, March 2003)
"Summing up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty and professionals."
(Mark Tomlinson, Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 2005, 17(2))
"The book is a timely addition to to the literature on infant and child cognitive development... The significant value of this volume lies in the breadth of its coverage and the sheer comprehensiveness of its execution... For academics and researchers in the field of infant and child cognitive development this is an invaluable resource that encompasses the current state of knowledge in this central developmental area."
--Robert Siegler, Teresa Heinz Professor, CarnegieMellon University
"This Handbook contains new insights from developmentalneuroscience and comprehensive reviews of theories and research invirtually all area of cognitive development. The authors constitutea Who's Who list of eminent European and American scholars."
--Nora S. Newcombe, Temple University
"Usha Goswami has assembled all the best people to present allthe important topics in children's cognitive development. Thishandbook is an indispensable introduction to the field."
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