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A Grammar of Old English, Volume 2


Richard M. Hogg, R. D. Fulk

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A Grammar of Old English, Volume II: Morphology completesRichard M. Hogg's two-volume analysis of the sounds and grammaticalforms of the Old English language. * Incorporates insights derived from the latest theoretical andtechnological advances, which post-date most Old Englishgrammars * Utilizes the databases of the Toronto Dictionary of Old Englishproject - a digital corpus comprising at least one copy of eachtext surviving in Old English * Features separation of diachronic and synchronic considerationsin the sometimes complicated analysis of Old English nounmorphology * Includes extensive bibliographical coverage of Old Englishmorphology


(English Studies, 1 October 2013
"Above all, A Grammar of Old English. Volume 2: Morphologydefinitely serves its purpose as a work of reference. Itsparagraphs are numbered separately and the inclusion of indexes ofwords as well as of subjects makes the work easy to consult. Thesefeatures, combined with the undisputed quality of its contents,make this volume the reference work of choice for all Old Englishscholars and their overly ambitious students."
(English Language andLinguistics, 1 January 2013)
"Old English has a new authoritative grammar that willtake its place as a reliable resource for decades to come andinspire more studies on the language. It is a strikingaccomplishment."
s work, is rich, dense, comprehensive - the best kind oftraditional philology informed by modern linguistic theory. David Denison, University of Manchester
This second volume, the worthy culmination of a scholarlylifetime'
s essential reference tocompletion with care and thoroughness. Linguists and Old Englishscholars will be able to gain access to the most importantscholarship on morphology via this book. Peter Baker, University of Virginia
R. D. Fulk has brought Richard Hogg'
s A Grammar of Old English: Morphology is afoundational resource, clearly and meticulously organized,unmatched in the depth and comprehensiveness of its access to thelinguistic heritage of early English. It combines a remarkablythorough record of two centuries of intense scholarship with thenew perspectives of two truly outstandingAnglo-Saxonists. Donka Minkova, University of California, Los Angeles
Along with its companion Phonology volume, Hogg andFulk'

Hogg and Fulk have taken a fresh look at a philologicalrecord of fearsome complexity, delivering the most explicit andcomprehensive survey of Old English inflectional morphophonology todate.Theoreticians will want to check their facts here. Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, University of Manchester



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