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Atlantic Salmon Ecology

Jostein Skurdal (Hrsg.), Øystein Aas (Hrsg.), Sigurd Einum (Hrsg.), Anders Klemetsen (Hrsg.)

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The Atlantic salmon is one of the most prized and exploited speciesworldwide, being at the centre of a massive sports fishing industryand increasingly as the major farmed species in many countriesworldwide. Atlantic Salmon Ecology is a landmark publication, bothscientifically important and visually attractive. Comprehensivelycovering all major aspects of the relationship of the Atlanticsalmon with its environment, chapters include details of migrationand dispersal, reproduction, habitat requirements, feeding, growthrates, competition, predation, parasitsm, population dynamics,effects of landscape use, hydro power development, climate change,and exploitation. The book closes with a summary and look atpossible future research directions. Backed by the Norwegian Research Council and with editors andcontributors widely known and respected, Atlantic SalmonEcology is an essential purchase for all those working withthis species, including fisheries scientists and managers, fishbiologists, ecologists, physiologists, environmental biologists andaquatic scientists, fish and wildlife department personnel andregulatory bodies. Libraries in all universities and researchestablishments where these subjects are studied and taught shouldhave copies of this important publication. * Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of Atlantic Salmon * Atlantic Salmon is one of the world's most commerciallyimportant species * Backed by the Norwegian Research Council * Experienced editor and internationally respectedcontributors


(Journal of Fish Biology, 2011)
"This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and up-to-date reviewof Atlantic salmon ecology for several decades and I wouldrecommend it to any with an interest in the subject. I expect thiswill be the authoritative text on the subject, probably for thenext two decades."
(Freshwater Biological Association,2011)
"As can be seen from this brief review of the contents, thisbook is a very comprehensive review of the ecology of Atlanticsalmon and should be read by all those involved in salmon research,conservation and management."
(SciTech Book News,December 2010)
"The editors (of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research,Norwegian U. of Science and Technology, Norwegian College ofFisheries Science at the U. of Tromso, and Oslo U. College, all inNorway) present a text aiming to provide a comprehensive treatmentof the ecology of the Atlantic salmon."
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