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Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies

A Primer

Gunilla Oberg

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Environmental issues are inherently interdisciplinary, andenvironmental academic programs increasingly use aninterdisciplinary approach. This timely book presents a core framework for conducting highquality interdisciplinary research. It focuses on the opportunitiesrather than the challenges of interdisciplinary work and is writtenfor those doing interdisciplinary work (rather than those studyingit). It is designed to facilitate high quality interdisciplinarywork and the author uses illustrative examples from student workand papers published in the environmental literature. This book's lucid, problem-solving approach is framed in anaccessible easy-to-read style and will be indispensable for anyoneembarking on a research project involving interdisciplinarycollaboration. Readership: graduate students, advanced undergraduates, andresearchers involved in the interface between human and naturalenvironmental systems


(The Quarterly Reviewof Biology, 1 September 2012)
"Although it does not reveal a prescriptive path forinterdisciplinary work, for our group, this volume served as avaluable catalyst for thinking about interdisciplinary research. Welook forward to future conversations that build onÖberg's examples of how to navigate problem-oriented,interdisciplinary research."
Professor Jacqueline S Rowarth, Massey University
"Professor Öberg's book explains the benefits of interdisciplinary studies, how to overcome the challenges, and lays the foundation from which good interdisciplinary research can be done. Furthermore, the information is applicable to research in general, not just that attempting to cross disciplines - it should be read by all people contemplating embarking upon a research project."
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