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Neuroscience Nursing

Evidence-Based Theory and Practice

Sue Woodward (Hrsg.), Ann-marie Mestecky (Hrsg.)

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"Superior... An important resource fornurses" Shanne McNamara, Vice President, British Association ofNeuroscience Nurses Neuroscience Nursing is a comprehensive, practical textthat reflects both the richness and the diversity of contemporaryneuroscience nursing. It aims to inform the practice ofneuroscience nursing through the report of current research, bestavailable evidence, policy and education. This important new book is divided into several sectionsexploring anatomy and physiology of the nervous system; assessment,interpretation and management of specific problems in theneurological patient; neurological investigations and neurosurgicalprocedures; management of patients with intracranial disorders; andmanagement of patients with long-term conditions. It also exploresthe underpinning concepts of neuroscience care, including itshistory and development, and legal and ethical issues. Uniquely,this text also includes patients' perspectives of living witha variety of neurological conditions. Key features: * The first evidence-based UK neuroscience textbook fornurses * Extensive full colour illustrations throughout * Applicable to a wide variety of settings including prevention,primary care, acute and critical care, rehabilitation andpalliative care * Contributions from nurse specialists, nurse consultants,academics and subject experts from throughout the UK


(Nursing Times, 8 November 2012)
"This book would be relevant to a wide ranging audiencefrom students, to newly qualified, to those wishing to move intoneuroscience and those who work within the field requiring a goodresource book for updating their knowledge or as areference."
(Doody's, 14October 2011)
"This high quality book would be an invaluable addition to ahospital unit or in a nurse's personal library."
(Nursing Older People, 1 October2011)
"They are well referenced and integrate theory with dailynursing care. . . This book is worth buying for personal use or asa reference in clinical settings."
(British Journalof Neuroscience Nursing, 1 September 2011)
"The clear, systematic organisation of this book will provideneuroscience nurses with detailed guidelines and rationales forcare, but also will enable nurses caring for these patients toreadily find specific information for the care of their patients.This book is highly recommended for nurses and other members ofmultidisciplinary teams caring for neuroscience patients, and anessential text for specialist neuroscience areas."
(1st year nursing student, Nottingham University)
"I have really enjoyed this book, it's given me a greaterunderstanding of neurological conditions and the nursing managementof them. It will be most helpful to me in my current and futurecareer."
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