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Equine MRI

Rachel C. Murray (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Equine MRI is a unique, comprehensive guide to MRI in thehorse. Edited by Rachel Murray, a leading authority and researcherin the field with over ten years of equine clinical MRIexperience, the book also includes contributions fromworldwide experts in the subject. Divided into the following four sections, the book presents keyinformation based on previous validation work and clinicalpractice: * Principles of MRI, including the practicalities of imageacquisition and interpretation * Normal MRI anatomy and normal variations * Different types of pathological change * Options for clinical management and prognosis for differentconditions MRI is a rapidly expanding area in veterinary medicine thatconfers detailed, three-dimensional information on both bone andsoft tissue. Expanding clinical knowledge, improvements intechnology, and practical application of MRI to the standing andrecumbent horse means this useful imaging modality has become anintegral and essential part of the diagnostic evaluation inlameness and is a realistic option for investigation ofophthalmological, neurological and cranial pathology. Equine MRI enables readers to understand the best ways toachieve good quality images, and provides a detailed explanation ofthe problems that may occur. With close to 950 normal and abnormal images, this book offersconsiderable detail and examples of both common and uncommonproblems, making it a great reference for equine veterinarians,veterinary students, specialists in equine surgery, and specialistsin veterinary imaging.


(Veterinary Record, 28 January 2012)
"The authors are to be congratulated on an excellent joband this text, like those dedicated to other imaging modalities,will be required reading for equine veterinarians working with lamehorses. Equine MRI is recommended for specialistradiologists and equine clinicians already using MRI, but becauseof the way it has been written, students, residents and general practitionersworking with lame horses would also be interested in thisbook." (Australian Veterinary Journal, 28January 2013)"It is also aimed at clinicians who spend much of their timeinvestigating and treating lame horses. For these audiences, thiswell written, beautifully illustrated and thoroughly referencedtext is a must."
(Doody's, 7 October 2011)
"This is a high quality work and an excellent reference forveterinarians wishing to learn about this new and exciting field."
(Veterinary Practice, 1 August 2011)
"This book gives an excellent account of MRI as a powerful toolin the understanding of equine anatomy, physiology and pathology.Clinicians and researchers both now and in the future will begrateful to Rachel Murray for all the contributions for bringingtogether their experience and producing it in such a coherent way."
(Veterinary Times, 28 March 2011)
"This book is written in a generally very readable and logicalformat and, as such, is extremely useful to equine cliniciansreferring cases for MRI as well as those opearting MR systems andinterpreting scans."
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