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Practical Public Health Nutrition

Roger Hughes

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Providing the reader with a practice-focussed approach to publichealth nutrition intervention management, Practical Public HealthNutrition is a crucial resource for dietitians, community andpublic health nutritionists and related health professionals inneed of a practical guide to practicing public health nutrition. Internationally recognised experts Hughes and Margetts describein detail the rationale, processes and tools that can be used toassess population needs, analyse problems and develop effectiveinterventions at a community level. Exercises in each section of the book contribute to a collectivePHN intervention plan, providing the reader with the opportunity todemonstrate an outcome of intervention management. Unique in its approach to teaching the practical applications ofthis increasingly crucial discipline, Practical Public HealthNutrition is a vital purchase for anyone working in the publichealth arena. * Clearly outlines the practice of PHN interventionmanagement * Covers rationale, processes and tools needed to developeffective interventions at community level * Written by 2 internationally respected authorities on thediscipline of Public Health Nutrition * Essential text for dietitians, community and public healthnutritions and related health professionals


(Journal NutritionBulletin, 1 September 2011)
"This book by Roger Hughes and Barrie Margetts is a valuable toolfor those working in PHN as it not only summarises the steps that are necessary for successful interventionbut it also provides a number of practical examples that will helpunderstand each step of an intervention. It will also be of benefitto students as a key textbook, providing them with basicskills/knowledge in the area of PHN practice."
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