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A History of the Cuban Revolution

Aviva Chomsky

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


A History of the Cuban Revolution presents a concisesocio-historical account of the Cuban Revolution of 1959, an eventthat continues to spark debate 50 years later. * Balances a comprehensive overview of the political andeconomic events of the revolution with a look at therevolution's social impact * Provides a lively, on-the-ground look at the lives of ordinarypeople * Features both U.S. and Cuban perspectives to provide acomplete and well-rounded look at the revolution and itsrepercussions * Encourages students to understand history through theviewpoint of individuals living it * Selected as a 2011 Outstanding Academic Title by CHOICE


?Approaching Cuba?s revolutionary experiment withthird-world socialism from a decidedly sympathetic, progressive,and anti-imperialist standpoint, Chomsky does not shy away fromairing the revolution?s dirty laundry even if she places mostof the blame for its troubles squarely at the feet of its morepowerful neighbor to the north.? ? LatinAmerican in Focus: Cuba (ABC-Clio, 2013)
(Choice, 1 August 2011)
"This excellent short history covers a number of themes whilemanaging to be exceptionally insightful... Chomsky brings abalanced breath of fresh air that not only informs readers but alsoilluminates the topic. Summing Up: Essential. Alllevels/libraries."
(TheAmericas, 1 July 2011)
"This fact alone makes Chomsky's volume a welcome addition tothe historiography of Cuba, and more broadly, Latin America . . .Chomsky's book is concise (less than 200 pages of text) and highlyreadable, two characteristics favorable for course adoption."
(Reviews in History, 9 June 2011
"In the case of the Cuban revolution, this book fulfils thatintent and appears as a useful addition to the available teachingmaterial. Its division in chapters that can stand alone, basedaround the themes of economy and politics, relations with theUnited States, migration, culture, diversity, the special periodand Cuba in the 21st century, would allow teachers to useparticular sections as class material in a wide range of courses.Tighter editing for the next edition could make it more usefulstill."
(Times Higher Education Supplement, 24February 2011)
"An overview of the political and economic events is combinedwith a look at this social impact through an examination of thelives of ordinary people."

?This book is a useful textbook for undergraduate studentsand a welcome addition to the historiography on the CubanRevolution. I would even strongly recommend it to any touristvisiting the island since it is concise, very well written, andeasy to digest.? (Hispanic American HistoricalReview, 1 August 2012)
--Matilde Zimmermann, Sarah LawrenceCollege
"The book teachers and students of the Cuban Revolution havebeen waiting for--Chomsky's scholarly yet accessiblehistory of one of the most fascinating and complex events of moderntimes."
--Lauren Derby, Universityof California, Los Angeles
"This is an outstanding textbook on the Cuban Revolution.Smart and clear, A History of the Cuban Revolution is trulyinterdisciplinary, covering U.S. intervention, the economy, healthcare, foreign policy as well as gender, literature, popular musicand religion. . . . and the treatment of U.S. foreign policyis a tour de force. This text is the perfect backbone forundergraduate courses on Cuba and the Cuban revolution, as well asLatin American surveys."
--Aldo Lauria-Santiago, RutgersUniversity
"This book presents an uncommon and refreshing review ofCuba's history during the last fifty years. It will be veryeffective in introducing the revolution to undergraduate studentsand stimulating discussion. Written in clear prose, it combinespersonal experience with a careful and balanced review of thescholarship on Cuba."



Geschichte, Kuba /Geschichte, Politik 1945 ff, Latin American & Caribbean History, History, Geschichte / Lateinamerika, karibischer Raum