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Conservation Biogeography

Robert J. Whittaker (Hrsg.), Richard Ladle (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / ÷kologie


The Earth's ecosystems are in the midst of an unprecedentedperiod of change as a result of human action. Many habitats havebeen completely destroyed or divided into tiny fragments, othershave been transformed through the introduction of new species, orthe extinction of native plants and animals, while anthropogenicclimate change now threatens to completely redraw the geographicmap of life on this planet. The urgent need to understand andprescribe solutions to this complicated and interlinked set ofpressing conservation issues has lead to the transformation of thevenerable academic discipline of biogeography - the study ofthe geographic distribution of animals and plants. The newlyemerged sub-discipline of conservation biogeography uses theconceptual tools and methods of biogeography to address real worldconservation problems and to provide predictions about the fate ofkey species and ecosystems over the next century. This bookprovides the first comprehensive review of the field in a series ofclosely interlinked chapters addressing the central issues withinthis exciting and important subject. View yoaccess the figures from the book.


(The Quarterly Review of Biology, 1 June2013)
"In all of these respects, this volume succeeds admirably,and deserves a place of prominence in any conservationbiologist's perspective on how to advance ourfield."
(Mammalia, 1 January 2013)
With a glossary and references, this book will be very usefulfor students."
(Ecology, 1 March 2012)
"The entire collection certainly has a distinctive andunique niche among ecological texts. It is aimed at a postgraduatemarket and is most likely to be used by conservationists andplanners who daily face the problems with which these essaysdeal." (Bulletin of the British EcologicalSociety, 1 June 2012)"Ladle, Whittaker, and their contributors have provided avolume that is informative, engaging, and respectful of the manyscientists, naturalists, and practitioners who work andphilosophies inform contemporary biogeographic research and itsapplication."
(BiologicalConservation Reviewers, 2011)
"This book represent a nice, clear presentation of conservationbiogeography from the perspective of ecological biogeography ... Wesincerely congratulate the editors and we believe that this bookrepresents a gateway to a new vision of conservation."
(Choice, 1 September 2011)
"Conservation Biogeography provides an exceptionally well-doneintroduction to, and status report of, an emerging field ofinquiry. . . Summing Up: Essential. All readership levels."
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