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A Companion to the Philosophy of Action

Constantine Sandis (Hrsg.), Timothy O'Connor (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


A Companion to the Philosophy of Action offers a comprehensive overview of the issues and problems central to the philosophy of action. * The first volume to survey the entire field of philosophy of action (the central issues and processes relating to human actions) * Brings together specially commissioned chapters from international experts * Discusses a range of ideas and doctrines, including rationality, free will and determinism, virtuous action, criminal responsibility, Attribution Theory, and rational agency in evolutionary perspective * Individual chapters also cover prominent historic figures from Plato to Ricoeur * Can be approached as a complete narrative, but also serves as a work of reference * Offers rich insights into an area of philosophical thought that has attracted thinkers since the time of the ancient Greeks


--Samuel Guttenplan, Birkbeck, University of London
"I recommend this volume to all those with any interest inthe concepts treated in the philosophy of action." (Philosophy in Review, 1 December 2012)"This companion is a welcome addition to philosophical literature,asserting a kind of sovereignty over a territory often visited inphilosophical discussions of mind, ethics and metaphysics, but notgiven any kind of independence. In asking us to regard the humanaction not merely as a part of other areas of philosophicalinvestigation, but as one worth considering on its own, thisCompanion should be applauded. One particularly good feature of thebook is that all the entries are substantial: while one can treatit as a reference work, readers will find it rewarding to readstraight through the entries in a given section."
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