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Facial Aesthetics

Concepts and Clinical Diagnosis

Farhad B. Naini

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Facial Aesthetics: Concepts and Clinical Diagnosis is aunique new illustrated resource for facial aesthetic surgery anddentistry, providing the comprehensive clinical textbook on the artand science of facial aesthetics for clinicians involved in themanagement of facial deformities, including orthodontists, oral andmaxillofacial surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons andaesthetic dentists. It aims to provide readers with a comprehensiveexamination of facial aesthetics in the context of dentofacial andcraniofacial diagnosis and treatment planning. This aim is achievedthrough coupling meticulous research and practical clinical advicewith beautifully drawn supporting illustrations and diagrams. Structured over 24 logically arranged and easy-to-followchapters, Part I of Facial Aesthetics covers the historicalevidence for facial aesthetic canons and concepts in depth. Itincorporates all aspects relevant to the work of the clinician,including the philosophical and scientific theories of facialbeauty, facial attractiveness research, facial expression and thepsychosocial ramifications of facial deformities. Part II of thebook then goes on to examine clinical evaluation and diagnosis inconsiderable detail under four sections, from the initialconsultation interview and acquisition of diagnostic records(section 1), complete clinical examination and analysis of thecraniofacial complex (section 2), in depth analysis of eachindividual facial region using a top-down approach (section 3) andfinally focussing on smile and dentogingival aesthetic evaluation(section 4). An in-depth, thoughtful, practical and absorbing reference,Facial Aesthetics will find an enthusiastic reception amongfacial aesthetic surgeons and aesthetic dentists with an interestin refining their understanding and appreciation of the human faceand applying practical protocols to their clinical diagnosis andtreatment planning. Key features: * Examines facial aesthetics in a clinical context * Promotes an interdisciplinary approach to facial aestheticanalysis * Detailed description of the systematic clinical evaluation ofthe facial soft tissues and craniodentoskeletal complex * Detailed, step-by-step aesthetic analysis of each facialregion * In-depth analysis of 2D and 3D clinical diagnostic records * Evidence-based approach, from antiquity to contemporaryscientific evidence, to the guidelines employed in planning thecorrection of facial deformities * Treatment planning from first principles highlighted * Clinical notes are highlighted throughout * Clearly organized and practical format * Highly illustrated in full colour throughout


(European Journal of Orthodontics, 29 May 2013)
"[An] opus...inimitable in its outstanding in-depth, thoroughly comprehensive arrangement of information to inform, guide, and teach us in the analysis and diagnosis of facial deformity...incredibly interesting and painstakingly researched pages...highly illustrated on every page...."
(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 1 November 2012)
"I think this a remarkable effort from a single author: it is clearly a labor of love . . . Most residents in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, or maxillofacial surgery should be exposed to this material in their training, and this is a good place to get that exposure in one place."
(Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, 1 September 2012)
"Thoughtfully integrates historical, clinical, and surgical perspectives in the medical fields ranging from maxillofacial to plastic and reconstructive surgery. The author elegantly provides the science and art of facial aesthetics with emphasis given to analysis of the craniofacial complex, facial aesthetic units, and clinical evaluation, in addition to smile and dental-occlusal relationships...has undertaken a detailed approach in presenting dental aesthetics, which makes this publication rather unique...allows a broad appeal to both dental and medical specialists."
(Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, 2012)
"The best analysis I have ever seen of the comprehensive factors involved in establishing exactly what makes a person facially attractive, unattractive, or simply average. The book's 24 logically arranged, easy-to-follow chapters--beautifully illustrated in full colour--systematically and thoroughly explore all the dentofacial and craniofacial details that determine how we look. I believe Facial Aesthetics will find an enthusiastic reception among orthodontists who would like to refine their understanding and appreciation of the human face and to apply the author's practical protocols to their clinical diagnosis and treatment planning."
(Journal of Oral Health and Dental Management, 1 December 2011)
"This is an excellent reference text for those interested in facial aesthetics and surgery. Section II looks at facial type, propor-tions and symmetry, providing an out-standing and essential reference...Section III is astounding and presents each facial region using annotated illus-trations and methodically explains each facial subunit. The research at the core of this text is comprehensive and it is complemented by the generous use of illustrations. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in facial aesthetics." (British Dental Journal, 24 September 2011)"In summary, this book is written in a clear and accessible format, with colour illustration throughout, an important guide for all the practitioners in the field of facial aesthetic surgery and aesthetic dentistry with an interest in refining their understanding and appreciation of the human face and applying practical protocols to their clinical diagnosis and treatment planning."
(Booknews, 1 June 2011)
"The text comprehensively examines facial aesthetics in the context of dentofacial and craniofacial diagnosis and treatment planning."
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