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Swept Up Lives?

Re-envisioning the Homeless City

Jon May, Sarah Johnsen, Paul Cloke, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geografie


Utilizing innovative ethnographic research, Swept Up Lives?challenges conventional accounts of urban homelessness to trace thecomplex and varied attempts to care for homeless people * Presents innovative ethnographic research which suggests animportant shift in perspective in the analysis and understanding ofurban homelessness * Emphasizes the ethical and emotional geographies of careembodied and performed within homeless services spaces * Suggests that different homelessness 'scenes'develop in different places due to varied historical, political,and cultural responses to the problems faced


(The CanadianGeographer, 4 September 2014)
"Overall, this book makes a substantial contribution toresearch on urban homelessness. It provides a glimpse into anetwork of emotions relationships, and service provision that isunderacknowledged in urban geography."
(UGRG Book Review Series, 19 December 2011)
"Swept up Lives? lives up toexpectations and delivers a wellargued and insightful analysis that progresses establishedparadigmatic ways of understanding homelessness in the Westernworld."
(The Geographical Journal, 2011)
"I cannot praise this book highly enough or hope to do justiceto it in a short review. It is a considerable and possiblyunprecedented achievement . . . I would recommend that this book beread by everyone who has anything to do with homelessness, and byevery policy work, every politician, and every academic analyst ofthe policy process."
A compelling narrative, moving from 'the street' to structureand back again, to argue that more attention needs to be paid tothe neoliberalist welfare state. The authors highlight examples ofhope and caring, providing a critical but optimistic view of whatcan be done by individuals, institutions, and governing bodies. Amust read for researchers and students interested in understandingnot only homelessness, but also the complexities ofgovernance.' --Lois M. Takahashi, University of California, Los Angeles
--Jennifer Wolch, University of California, Berkeley
'Challenging theories of urban revanchism that denyhomeless people agency and neglect the complexities oftoday's welfare state, Swept Up Lives provides asharp conceptual corrective and rich portrayal of geographies ofhomelessness in Britain. Detailed ethnographies and institutionalanalysis offer a window on homeless subjectivities and voluntaryorganizations as spaces of caring and active citizenship. I highlyrecommend this book.'
--Christine Milligan, Lancaster University
'A well crafted, insightful and timely book that overturnsexisting orthodoxies, exploring the experience of homelessness inthe UK and providing a thought-provoking portrayal of the humanface of homelessness.'
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