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Biomolecular Archaeology

An Introduction

Keri A. Brown, T. A. Brown

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Illustrated thoroughly, Biomolecular Archaeology is thefirst book to clearly guide students through the study of ancientDNA: how to analyze biomolecular evidence (DNA, proteins, lipidsand carbohydrates) to address important archaeological questions. * The first book to address the scope and methods of this newcross-disciplinary area of research for archaeologists * Offers a completely up-to-date overview of the latest researchin this innovative subject * Guides students who wish to become biomolecular archaeologiststhrough the complexities of both the scientific methods andarchaeological goals. * Provides an essential component to undergraduate and graduatearchaeological research


Eva-Maria Geigl, Université Paris Diderot
"This book is a perfect introduction into biomolecular archaeologynot only for students interested in the field but also forexperienced archaeologists, palaeontologists and archaeobiologistswho engage in interdisciplinary research involving the analysis ofbiomolecules. It is written by one of the most prominent genomictextbook authors, Terry Brown, a pioneer in ancient DNA researchand the origins of plant domestication. In this book, his qualitiesas both an excellent textbook writer as well as a brilliantmolecular biologist merge to explain even the most advancedsequencing methods used in palaeogenomics in a way that isunderstandable for non-experts. The contribution of Keri Brownensures that the book is relevant to researchers working in thefield. Biomolecular Archaeology makes for an ideal manualfor archaeologists and students eager to exploit the newestscientific developments to answer typical archaeological questionsand better interpret the information buried in the archaeologicalsites they are working on."
Linda Stone, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, WashingtonState University
"The study of ancient and extant biomolecules hasrevolutionized archaeological methodologies. This textbook is anexcellent, user-friendly introduction to biomolecular techniquesand applications for beginning students in archaeology and physicalanthropology."
A.M. Pollard, University of Oxford
"This is a timely and welcome contribution to the rapidlydeveloping field of biomolecular archaeology, covering the basicscience as well as an introduction to the applications. It willbecome essential reading."
Matthew Collins, University of York
"There are fewer and fewer areas of archaeology which are immuneto biomolecular analysis. Technological innovation combined with agreater understanding of molecular survival has increasedreliability of analyses and interpretation, makingbiomolecular research amongst the fastest moving and mostexciting areas in modern archaeology. This book, helped by its easyand accessible style, leads the reader in alogical progression from the molecules themselves to theirapplication in the study of demography, diet, innovation andmigration; it should be recommended reading for all new students ofarchaeology."
Robert Tykot, University of South Florida
"The authors have done a stupendous job, with the scientificnature of DNA and other biomolecular studies understandable forarchaeologists, and the archaeological applications of thesemethods clear to all."
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