Lords of Misrule

House of Stewart Trilogy 1

Nigel Tranter

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Belletristik / Historische Romane und Erzählungen


In turbulent 14th century Scotland, the ruling House of Stewart was a house divided, beset by hatred and jealousy. Descendants of the Bruce's daughter, they only kept the throne by an astonishing genius for survival - or, as many said, the lick of the Devil. Their rivals were the Douglases; and when the second Earl was slain in battle, the Stewarts were suspected of foul play. When young Jamie Douglas vowed to avenge his master, he only had his wits, courage and integrity with which to challenge the most eminent and the most unscrupulous men in the kingdom. And while vengeance burned in his heart, he could not prevent his fatal attraction for the beautiful and spirited Stewart women - and one in particular. This is the first volume in the Stewart trilogy. 'Through his imaginative dialogue, he provides a voice for Scotland's heroes' Scotland on Sunday