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The Adult Safeguarding Practice Handbook

Rachel Hubbard, Kate Spreadbury

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This is an essential practical guide to best practice in adult safeguarding that supports students and practitioners to develop the skills, knowledge and ethical awareness to confidently address the challenges of adult safeguarding across a wide range of practice contexts in the UK. The authors explore the current context of adult safeguarding in the UK, together with the legislation, rights and principles that are the basis of best practice, and with a focus on developments in practice following the implementation of the Care Act 2014. Practitioners are supported to develop their practice by exploring new research and innovative ways of working within the field, whilst promoting the importance of learning from experience and building resilience in adult safeguarding work. This book includes: • helpful case studies and examples of professional decision making from experienced adult safeguarding practitioners • top tips and models to enable confident application of knowledge to practice • tools for reflection to extend the practitioner’s development