Alternative Dictionary Of Symptoms And Cures

Dr Caroline Shreeve

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Sachbuch / Lexika, Enzyklopädien


-An A-Z of symptoms and cures: from abscesses to zinc deficiency-Useful guidelines on more common ailments from the common cold to headaches and childhood illnesses-Practical information on major illnesses from cancer to heart disease-How your body works: why do you fall ill?-What are the choices in medical treatment today? What are the differences between orthodox and alternative methods?-A review of the whole spectrum of alternative medicine from the timeless remedies of the herbalist to the less well-known practices such as IridologyThe Alternative Dictionary of Symptoms and Cures is an essential reference book for every home. In clear, layman's terms, Dr Caroline Shreeve provides the most comprehensive guide yet to orthodox and alternative approaches to medical problems and your health. Cross-referenced for easy use, practical and non-technical, this book gives invaluable information and advice for when you and your family are ill.

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