Maddest Idea

An enthralling and swashbuckling naval adventure you won t be able to put down

James Nelson

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A captivating and stirring maritime adventure from bestselling author James Nelson that will have you on the edge of your seat. Perfect for fans of Patrick O'Brian and C.S. Forester. "e;Kept me riveted from start to finish..."e; - ***** Reader review. "e;Fast paced and hard to put down"e; -- ***** Reader review'A fine adventure series...first-rate action writing' -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY***********************************************THERE'S A TRAITOR IN THEIR RANKS DETERMINED TO THWART THEIR FIGHT FOR FREEDOM...1775: General George Washing has discovered his store of gunpowder has dwindled to next to nothing. Captain Isaac Biddlecomb is despatched to Bermuda to capture the British gunpowder known to be there. But the plan is a trap, hatched by a traitor among the Patriots. Washington's aide-de-camp Major Edward Fitzgerald is tasked with hunting the traitor down; Biddlecomb meanwhile must work to free his ship and his men and capture the gunpowder so vital in the fight for freedom.Will Biddlecomb and Fitzgerald overcome their common enemy - the greatest military power on Earth?The Maddest Idea is the second novel in James Nelson's Revolution at Sea series. Biddlecomb's story continues in The Continental Risque. Have you read By Force of Arms, his first adventure?

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