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Cast, in Order of Disappearance

Simon Brett

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Meet Charles Paris: a washed-up actor with a taste for wine, women . . . and solving crimes! A binge-worthy cozy mystery series from the original king of British cozy crime, internationally best-selling, award-winning author Simon Brett, OBE. For fans of Richard Osman - but with added bite!

"Like a little malice in your mysteries? Some cynicism in your cosies? Simon Brett is happy to oblige" THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Few crime writers are as enchantingly gifted" THE SUNDAY TIMES

"One of British crime's most assured craftsmen . . . Perfect entertainment" THE GUARDIAN

"A new Simon Brett is an event for mystery fans" P.D. JAMES

"Murder most enjoyable" COLIN DEXTER

One washed-up actor, with a taste for wine, women - and solving crimes
One starlet with a seedy secret
One man murdered - one man missing

It's the 1970s, and jobbing actor Charles Paris (47, and fine with it) is indulging his taste for drink and showbiz gossip at a club in London's West End when he unexpectedly bumps into an old acquaintance.

Jacqui is blonde, beautiful, talented - and upset. She confides in Charles that she can't get in touch with her boyfriend, wealthy theatrical tycoon Marcus Steen. Has he tired of her . . . or is there more to the story?

Soon, to his mixed bewilderment and pleasure, Charles finds himself mixed up in a curious case of blackmail, missing millionaires, showbiz sex parties - and murder most horrid. There's only one thing for it: he must investigate on Jacqui's behalf, whilst wearing a variety of well-thought-out disguises.

But can Charles solve the case, catch the killer . . . and still find time to earn his paycheque playing an evil coachman in The Zombie Walk, a film he suspects will be the worst ever made?

Fans of Agatha Christie, The Thursday Murder Club, Anthony Horowitz, Alexander McCall Smith, M.C. Beaton and Faith Martin will love this hilarious cozy traditional mystery series featuring one of the funniest antiheroes in crime fiction. Written over a fifty-year-period, it perfectly captures life and contemporary attitudes in 1970s London - and beyond!


"Charles is good company - disheveled, amusing, quick" Kirkus Reviews

"Undeniable charm and humor. Paris is an engaging fellow" Mystery*File

"An entertaining and clever read"

"A cozy, frightfully entertaining novel" Margitte, 5*GoodReads review

"A classic British amateur sleuth in the best traditions of classic British amateur sleuths . . . Pure fun, smart, complicated, cozy, intriguing, a little risque at times and witty" Randee, 5*GoodReads review

"Fantastically funny and brilliantly written" Silverymoonlady, 5*GoodReads review

"A fun plot, great characters, complex relationships. [The Charles Paris novels] are quickly becoming my go to reads!" Sam, 5*GoodReads review


1. Cast in Order of Disappearance
2. So Much Blood
3. Star Trap
4. An Amateur Corpse
5. A Comedian Dies
6. The Dead Side of the Mike
7. Situation Tragedy
8. Murder Unprompted
9. Murder in the Title
10. Not Dead, Only Resting
11. Dead Giveaway
12. What Bloody Man is That
13. A Series of Murders
14. Corporate Bodies
15. A Reconstructed Corpse
16. Sicken and So Die
17. Dead Room Farce
18. A Decent Interval
19. The Cinderella Killer
20. A Deadly Habit

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