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Sword of Shadows

Jeri Westerson

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Belletristik / Historische Kriminalromane


A quest to find the ancient sword Excalibur quickly turns into a hunt for a determined killer for Crispin Guest.

London, 1396. A trip to the swordsmith shop for Crispin Guest, Tracker of London, and his apprentice Jack Tucker takes an unexpected turn when Crispin crosses paths with Carantok Teague, a Cornish treasure hunter. Carantok has a map he is convinced will lead him to the sword of Excalibur – a magnificent relic dating back to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – and he wants Crispin to help him find it.

Travelling to Tintagel Castle in Cornwall with Carantok and Jack, Crispin is soon reunited with an old flame as he attempts to locate the legendary sword. But does Excalibur really exist, or is he on an impossible quest? When a body is discovered, Crispin’s search for treasure suddenly turns into a hunt for a dangerous killer.

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treasure maps, male sleuths, famous swords, marriage proposal, legends and folklore, digging up bodies, Excalibur, historical sites in Cornwall, knights, relics, murder mystery, romantic old flames, strong women, 14th century London, adventure, church altar, Knights of the Round Table, treasure hunting, druids, plot twists, 14th century Cornwall, swordsmith, Historical mystery, Merlin the wizard, sleuthing duo, famous myths, medieval Cornish mystery, picture postcard setting, treasure hunt, mysteries set near the coast, mystery in the woods, thieves, King Arthur, Cornish mystery, historical mystery set in Cornwall, legendary swords, Tintagel, Cornwall, medieval noir, damaged hero, medieval London, medieval mystery, old churches