Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef

Bring Behavior-Driven Development to Infrastructure as Code

Stephen Nelson-Smith

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Since Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef first appeared in mid-2011, infrastructure testing has begun to flourish in the web ops world. In this revised and expanded edition, author Stephen Nelson-Smith brings you up to date on this rapidly evolving discipline, including the philosophy driving it and a growing array of tools. Youll get a hands-on introduction to the Chef framework, and a recommended toolchain and workflow for developing your own test-driven production infrastructure.Several exercises and examples throughout the book help you gain experience with Chef and the entire infrastructure-testing ecosystem. Learn how this test-first approach provides increased security, code quality, and peace of mind.Explore the underpinning philosophy that infrastructure can and should be treated as codeBecome familiar with the MASCOT approach to test-driven infrastructureUnderstand the basics of test-driven and behavior-driven development for managing changeDive into Chef fundamentals by building an infrastructure with real examplesDiscover how Chef works with tools such as Virtualbox and VagrantGet a deeper understanding of Chef by learning Ruby language basicsLearn the tools and workflow necessary to conduct unit, integration, and acceptance tests

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