No One Has Hired Us

Bible Truths for the Unemployed

B. Wayne Bradfield

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Many excellent books have been written on the subject of how to get a job, and it is not my goal to add another to the library shelves. This study seeks to examine employment and unemployment from a Biblical perspective and will hopefully make suitable companion reading for other self-help books. If the Bible isas many people sayGods operating manual for successful living, then surely it will be our source of needed wisdom to cope with every life situation, including joblessness. Contrary to the opinion of some people, the Bible has great relevance in todays world. I have discovered a virtual gold mine of guidance, instruction, and encouragement for those who would turn to Gods Word in times of unemployment. Like gold, however, the nuggets are seldom found on the surface; they must be discovered through some effort. They are found embedded in the principles governing Gods kingdom that are scattered throughout the Bible. These principles will not only teach us how we should live, but also how we can make a living.