Past Imperfect

Linda Thayer

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Ratgeber / Lebensführung, Persönliche Entwicklung


Jules Mullins is, in all respects, a normal grounded twenty-somethingwith one exception. Since she was a small child, shes dreamed about a group of people shes never meta violent bunch who speak barely discernable English, wear peculiar clothing, and completely ignore her. She learned early on not to discuss her dreams. Adults would pat her on the head and tell her she had quite the imagination, while other children just found her stories creepy. As the years passed, her dreams became more frequent and intense. Jules worried that she might be losing her sanity. Then she met Claire Wilder, a new age bookstore owner with an entirely different viewpoint: Jules wasnt dreaming; she was remembering a life she lived almost 500 years ago. Claire is also an old soul. The quest to discover their identities in centuries past leads them on a metaphysical mystery tour they never forget! Reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Westbow Press about Past Imperfect: A real page turner, a very well written book - exciting, suspenseful, creative. Was a very GREAT READ. Well worth your time. Engaging - Imaginative! This story captivates you from the first - you care about the characters and miss them between readings. You want to go visit the sites they explore and walk with them through their past memories. I would and have recommended this book to others looking for a good supernatural adventure. Linda Thayer gives such a great descriptive narrative about sixteenth-century England. The characters in this book were people that lived ordinary lives in present-day America, but after taking a trip to England wonder if reincarnation does exist as they remember, through dreams, the parts they played in Henry VIII's court. The story places you right at the heart of it all as these characters ask themselves, "am I who I think I am?" It sure does make one think, and wonder if there was another "me" in another life. Truly Creative Writing - A Startling Story Within the first few pages, I forgot I was reading. This story of a repeating dream, of returning home to where you have never been, the intersection of personalities before words -- this is the fun of Past Imperfect. I was scared and delighted. Thayer's story is fresh, a historical and eerie thriller. I hope this book finds more readers. It would make a great movie!