Second Chance for Mankind

Another Look at the Garden of Eden

Joan Lee Swanson

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Ratgeber / Familie


Why did God not want man to have the knowledge of good and evil? In a sense, Adam and Eve bit off more than they could chew. Their whole world changed. Were God's words to them judgment or prophecy? Could this in any way relate to our world today? God spoke of a curse upon the earth, and today we see the planet turning on itself. Much the same way houseplants thrive in a peaceful, happy environment, is the planet responding to the hatred, greed, fighting, and wars that are all around us? What is God's answer? How do we find peace? As a counselor, Dr. Joan Swanson became aware of the number of clients who seemed to go through life anticipating fear, waiting for the other shoe to fall or believing that hardships come in threes. She realized she had some of these same feelings, and in prayer felt guided to look back at the garden of Eden. What was God's original plan and will for his children? Was fear to be part of their existence? This book was the result. The truths herein have played a very important part in her life. She has found a new peace and reason for trust.

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