Book One - the Neosho Chronicles

Richard Brian Cain

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Josh McCavendish had just finished his sophomore year in high school and was looking forward to a summer offthough it would not be the summer he expected. The girl arrived unexpectedly, stumbling into their campsite that night, deathly ill, and would have died but for the skillful care of Grandmom McCavendish. The girl, Kwil, slowly explores her new world, finding love for a new family to replace the one she had left behind, and a blossoming love for their grandson, Josh, at least until she remembers that the evil that chased her to this strange place still pursues her. A world away, in the Arkshu Valley, Kwils parents are frantic to find their missing daughter and ultimately discover that a larger plan, laid from the beginning of time, is unfolding with Kwil as the central player. Together, with tribal elders, they determine to embark on a dark journey to save their missing daughter Back home in the small town of Neosho, Missouri, Joshs grandparents, along with his family and friends, play a dangerous game of cat and mouse to elude the sinister powers that have taken over their town, while Josh and Kwil race to find a mythical mountain and the secret that lay hidden there. They all must succeed or watch as their worlds are plunged into darkness forever.

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