Once Upon a Transcendent Realm

James Martinez

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Once upon a Transcendent Realm is a spiritually insightful book written from scientific, spiritual, and theological perspectives. Encompassing over 80,000 hours of research into the behind-the-scenes look at absolutes of the spirit. Once upon a Transcendent Realm reveals insight into our bodys energy and how our spiritual energy allows for interactions between one another and with other spiritual and supernatural realms of existence. This supernatural and divine story opens the door to the endless possibilities that are within all of our lives. This book also reveals insights into the spiritual unions we form with those of the world that is to come. This story is divine in nature and has only been revealed and accomplished by God. There are a great many insightful questions which are answered within this book and I hope you will obtain a better understanding of just how amazing a world God has created for us all to live in by bearing witness to one of his great works.