Dancing in the Rain

Life Isn't About Waiting for the Storms to Pass

Kyle Jessen

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Some inspiring words to help you face the storms in your life, whatever they may be, and give you insight into bringing you to a deeper and richer life in Christ. With each diagnosis, she comes up with new and intriguing articles on what God is trying to tell her and what she needs to do to understand the situation. There are personal reminders that we are all on our individual journeys and there are powers greater than ours to help if we just open up to it. God gives us opportunities in the most unusual circumstances. We must follow in the dark, we must follow not knowing why, we must follow with absolute faith. We must be aware, mindful, steady, like a pack mule. We all are battling adversity. Her encouraging approach to honoring herself, her God, and others can also help you.

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