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Galactic Ops

The Colony

Michael L. Muller

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Mortem Tyrannis! Captain John Krighter is a Marine in the Western Alliance Imperial Defense Force, fighting pirates in a remote sector of the galaxy. Against his wishes, he receives orders to Earth to escort the Virginia Expedition, a fledgling Christian colony, on their quest to inhabit a new world. Far from the dull duty he anticipates, John faces the challenges of a brave and untamed frontier while standing toe-to-toe against some of the Empires most ruthless enemies. Through his adventures, he discovers a good deal about his own history and sheds new light on the future of the Empire, while his own fate hangs ever in the balance. We, as a nation, have forgotten our history, and with it our identity. We have turned from our God and have lost our way. Without understanding our past, we are doomed to repeat our failures in the future. Galactic Ops was written to restore that which was lost. It aims to rekindle the spirit of our American history, deeply rooted in Christendom, and told through the gripping lens of science fiction. As with all good history, the events repeat themselves; only the names and places change.