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Katelyn’S Choice

Finding Love Through Faith

Ilene J. Dirks

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Will Katelyn ever find the love she desires? She breaks her engagement to John Pierre when his mother threatens to disown him if he marries outside of his denomination. She experiences a job change that places her with other Christians. As Katelyn begins her new job at Designs by De, she finds herself continually in meetings with one of the designers, Patrick OKelly. She has never met anyone quite like him. Where does he fit into the picture? Or does he? At Mardi Gras with her friend, Jessica, Katelyn meets Beau. He is tall, dark, handsome, and has a smile others swoon over. Is it possible that she could find Mr. Right immediately? Jessica doesnt think so. What will she discover when she returns to her Midwest roots? Will God ever bring her face-to-face with Mr. Right?

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