South of the Frontera; a Peace Corps Memoir

Lawrence F. Lihosit

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Recipient of a Commendation from U.S. Congressman John Garamendi (CA, 10th District) "Humorous, highly entertaining...You are in for an adventure." Michael Schmicker, author of Land of Smiles. "A dose of good medicine." Starley Talbott, author of Lasso the World; a Western Writer's Tales of Folks Around the Globe. "A classic." Craig Carrozzi, author of The Road to El Dorado. "If Kerouac had been a Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1970's, he would have written a book like South of the Frontera." Steve Q. Cannon, RPCV-Honduras Premature middle age escaped us and high adventure called begins the author in this humorous memoir about how Hard-Times became Good-Times. Following a job loss, a worn picture postcard ignites adventures South of the Frontera leading to the Peace Corps. This is a vivid description of Mexico and Central America between 1975 and 1977. From basking in the Sea of Cortes alongside a pelican to learning to dance in Honduras, an original voice rings true with youthful curiosity and down-home wit and insight.