Beyond Omega

Millennial Reign

Ron K Truscott

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


he was taken up into heaven With their current mission on Earth complete, the crew of Earth Explorer Twenty-five makes the twenty year journey back to the Alphan home worlds. Jesus and his father Apollo look forward to a time of peace after a hectic and dangerous period contending with Earths leaders and their own rebellious brother and uncle, Ares Centauri. However, Ares is the least of their problems, as they discover that during their two thousand year absence from Alpha, a new dangerous religion has threatened to destroy the tranquility of the home planets. then I saw a new heaven and a new earth After defeating Nidal Amaso and the Milsums, and bringing peace once again to Alpha and Omega the Centauri family race back to the Sol system in time to find the people of Earth on a collision course of nuclear self destruction, caused by warring religious factions, and once again Jesus and his father, Apollo, must fight to save the Earth humans. This time with the assistance of AIMI they create a new heaven and new Earth, and begin a thousand year epoch of peace and harmony.