The Keeper of the Horse

A Comanche Quest

R.G. Duvall

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


In the late 1700s the western Indian nations had dealt with white men for more than two hundred years. Buffalo Horn, a highly respected Comanche warrior, receives a vision from the Great Spirit. The unnerving vision tells of the coming of even a greater foe than either the Spanish or French. This new foe, represented by Blue Buffalo in his vision, wants land, even if it means doing away with the Indian people and their cherished way of life! It has been long prophesied by many that a leader would one day appear among the Indian nations to unite and lead them to victory over the foretold coming of the great enemy. He would be known to all as the Keeper of the Horse. Buffalo Horns son, Wise Council, appears as answer to the long-awaited prophecy. Endowed with many talents, he possesses wisdom and leadership abilities beyond his years. Some call him a prophet, a Manitou, and some consider him to be the son of the Great Spirit sent to earth to unite the Indians and to teach brotherhood. In a vision, he learns that he will be the new Keeper of the Horse, and the trail he must follow is predetermined but filled with obstacles. The only way to overcome themto unite his people and preserve their way of lifeis to keep to the path and trust in the Great Spirit.