Gossamer Seasons

Haynes W. Dugan II

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Haynes W. Buddy Dugan II has had an adventurous life as a student, marine officer, social worker, military chaplain, and active sportsman. Having lived through many historical events, he offers insight into the events from World War II, the Cuban blockade, Vietnam, and the Bosnian deployment, to the present. Along the way he met several notable people; he shares his account of meetings with Colonel James Earl Rudder, of the Rudders Rangers who seized the German gun positions on Pointe du Hoc on D Day; Clark Clifford, who was a counsel to U.S. presidents and the Secretary of Defense; Walter Cronkite; Debbie Boone; Muhammad Ali; and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Buddy Dugan takes us back in time as he describes his adventures from his childhood up through seven decades of active life, involving soldiering, parachuting, SCUBA diving, sailing, hunting, riding horses, and leading pack animals into Rocky Mountain wilderness areas to hunt and fish. He spent over six years in Europe and skied in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Gossamer Seasons tells the story of a life fully lived, in which tragedies occurred and loves were lost. It is a life that served and assisted others, and one in which love ultimately triumphs.

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