The African Poet, the African Philosopher, and the African Physicist: a Discourse

Oluwole Komolafe

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At a clubhouse in Lagos, Nigeria, intellectuals meet for fellowship and to ponder the simple and complicated questions that have puzzled people everywhere. Among them are Olurombi, a renowned poet; Emeka, a professor of philosophy at one of Nigerias premier universities; and Ahmed, a physicist researcher at the Planetary and Space Research Institute of Nigeria. While arguing with each other and enjoying each others company at their gathering spot, the Egghead Place, the men and their fellow intellectuals provide meaningful insights into African traditions. They also explore local heritage, wise sayings, and insights that break down cultural barriers all in a fl owing narrative that includes poetry, deep thoughts, and scientific reasoning. The men and their cohorts closely study abstract thoughts, metaphors, and empirical data as they pursue a quest to understand humanity and life itself. While often seemingly at odds, they find out that they also have a lot in common. Join them as they look at life from an African perspective and discover what ties all of us together in Colloquies.