Beyond Basketballs

The New Revolutionary Way to Build a Successful Business in a Post-Product World

Bill Bishop

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The New Revolutionary Way To Build A Successful Business In A Post-Product World If you are trying to build a successful business in todays economy, read this book. Authored by Bill Bishop, one of the worlds leading business coaches to entrepreneurial companies, this book outlines a new, revolutionary way to build a successful business in a post-product world. For the past 200 years, weve built companies around specific products and services, Bishop says. But that product-first model is now obsolete due to accelerating change, increasing competition, and instant communication. Companies that keep using these old models will fail to grow, and may even go out of business all together. To be successful in this new environment, you need to use a new post-product business model, one built around relationships, not products. This model, while simple in its structure, is revolutionary because it creates a completely different kind of company; an enterprise that prospers because it takes advantage of accelerating change, increasing competition, and instant communication. Based on Bill Bishops work coaching more than 4,000 companies over a 25-year period, this book will open your eyes to incredible possibilities and opportunities, and get you excited again about your business. As Bishop says: Once you understand this new model, you realize that our society has only created 1% of the worlds potential value, that another 99% of new wealth is possible for people who are willing to think differently.

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