Grey Redemption

Scott D. Covey

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Colonel Simon Alexander, a famous African mercenary, languishes away in Black Beach Prison. Failing health makes an unsupported escape impossible, and the diplomatic process is failing as fast as his health. In the face of all this, a backer with deep pockets is putting a team together to get him out. Commanding this team is none other than forty-three-year-old Rhys Munroe, a tough and cunning Grey. Composed of one black and one white Special Forces operator, the Special Operators Unit known as the Greys can go anywhere, kill everything, and disappear into the grey mist. Their combined skills are far greater than the sum of their own abilities. Armed with massive hardware, ammunition, manpower, and a secret weapon, Munroe and his team concoct a daring master plan to free Simon. Though they are battle-hardened soldiers, they are well aware that the international mission is dangerous and could go awry at any time. But the Greys lived by one very important commandment: Thou shalt not fall.

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