House of Bull

Book Three

Denise A. Bates

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Belletristik / Fantasy


House of Bull, Book one, welcomes you to the first part of an adventure set in a country called Frees...Arius (Bull) had always been a worker (slave). He was born and bred because of it...Cone-aire Duncan of Torlece, a country across the ocean, arrives to run and teach convicted of helping workers to freedom (stealing property)...Smitty had been a soldier in the kings army until he refused an order to kill a worker...Master Manual Moore was caught cheating on his Worker Taxes. His was given Duncan and Smitty. Inheriting a prize worker, Arius, Master Moore had no worries. He did not even worry about the teacher or the soldier being in with his workers...This world has no technology. Travel happens be foot, hoof, and wooden wheel. That which is made, is made by hand. There is no magical prophecy to guide them. With only the want to be free of three hundred years of slavery: The strong take the lead, the intelligent advise, and the weak do what the can so that they do not fall behind...

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