The Journey to the Forest of Temptation

George Harpen

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


An idealistic adventurer that lives inside a materialistic society is facing certain doom within the council of adventurers. His life becomes tormented by psychological war games such as being subjected to endless degradation and humiliation by the ones he works for. As each phase of his ending career begins, his spirit of individuality seems to matter less and less to him as a person. As his trial commences the ones that matter most to him have left his side either due to shame or regret. As he struggles to find his niche in life as an adventurer, he is pressured to have one last attempt to redeem himself takes place. Now with his last chance to make good on his word as an adventurer, his spirit and courage are tested countless times. With each new trial and tribulation that he endures during his last adventure, he becomes one step closer to realizing what really matters- the true definition of success.

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