The Woman’S Shield

(Secrets About Men Your Mother Never Knew …And Your Father Was Afraid to Tell You.)

D.M. Keith

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Ratgeber / Familie


Secrets of men are finally exposed. These secrets have never been expressed for fear of societal retaliation and scorn. This riveting and controversial information leaves you empowered and on the path to lasting love. Women in successful long-lasting relationships unknowingly operate within these secrets. It answers questions, "Why do men cheat?" and "How do I know if he really loves me?" The answers may surprise! D.M Keith is a father of two daughters and seeing the life changing pain that occurred in one of their lives compelled him to breath the MAN CODE and tell it all. Get "Shielded"!...Protect your heart. This book bucks the standards of conventional wisdom and relationships...Some of the secrets may be hard to swallow but you will be glad you did. You will learn: Men have sexual cycles like women have menstrual cycles Why men lie? What a man really wants from a woman and how to give it to him The ultimate and the only real reason of what drives your man to cheat.

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