Copy Cat World

The Book That Has Saved Many Lives

Kleopatra Kristbjörg

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


This book has changed peoples lives to the better. And saved many lives.Copy Cat World has many loayal fans that adore the book. Alexandra: It is because we always send messages to our environment. We send messages to the universal energy. When we have hopes and expectations, then that is the message we are sending, a message that we are lacking something. But is there really anything we need, do we know that for sure? We shouldnt ask for anything, only be grateful for what have and not demand more. What is meant to come will come and then we should accept it and be thankful. It will come when you are not asking for it and not waiting for it. You shouldnt declare that you are in need or act as if you lack something. It is most important to be contented with yourself and what you have. Do what is right in life and make good things happen around you. You will notice that when you perform an act of kindness, you feel good and that is an answer. It is better to be wealthy in spiritual riches than material ones. I feel rich if I can help somebody, and I feel richer and richer everytime I do something good. Money is not important. You dont need much to survive. Abundance creates indulgence, which leads to a bad way of life and unhappiness. We only need enough to live. We dont need all these things that people indulge in. Its not like you were ever happy! You had too much of everything, which leads to too much indulgence and more and more unhappiness! You bought yourself darkness, always more darkness, and you ended up at the bottom! The wrong path leads to the wrong destination! Copy Cat World has many loayal fans that adore the book.

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