Where the Flowers Sing

Wesley Arlin Brown, Jackie Brown Benham

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A roaring forest fire adventure unfolds in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado where two unlikely families, a courageous horse, a stubborn mule and a faithful dog are camping. The reader will be captivated from beginning to end of this harrowing experience when a huge fire threatens to trap an arrogant but innocent city family left in the high country by an irresponsible trail guide. Despite warnings by Lindall Brown, whose family has respected the wilderness for years, the wealthy Smythe family rejected any advice about safety and campfires. Lindall intended to report the guide but encountered utter chaos at the trailhead under the leadership of a novice forest service ranger trying to organize a group to fight a forest fire out of control. Lindall offered his services, as he had fought many fires, but instead, was ordered to get his tired horses and mules ready to pack in equipment. Having no choice, he started to get the tired animals ready for the steep trip back up the smoky trail. Rena remembered the Smythes who could be trapped in the fire. Lindall started to the ranger to inform him that they would need the animals to go rescue the family but when he turned his head to speak, he was hit in the head by a pulaski a ranger was using to practice. The ax left him bleeding with a deep cut. The sisters reluctantly left their unconscious dad with their mother, and rode up the steep trail to attempt a dangerous rescue. This exciting tale speaks volumes about courage and compassion of young girls who dared to risk their animals lives and theirs for an undeserving family. The reader will live every breathtaking event of this dangerous mission.

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