Building Content Literacy

Strategies for the Adolescent Learner

Sharon M. Thiese (Hrsg.), Roberta L. Sejnost (Hrsg.)

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"e;Secondary teachers will find that this superb resource informs the teaching and learning of their students and provides many research-based strategies to enhance reading comprehension and written language in every area."e;-Johneen Griffin, Director of Secondary Pupil ServicesOlentangy Local Schools, Lewis Center, OH"e;Sejnost and Thiese address the national literacy crisis with a practical guidebook that meets the needs of adolescent learners by focusing on the literacy skills needed for the 21st century. The strategies engage learners and create independence in content-area reading."e;-Rusti Russow, Director of Teaching and LearningKankakee School District, ILIncrease adolescent learners' success in all content areas!Responding to the challenges associated with teaching middle and high school students, this resource offers specific strategies teachers may use to incorporate reading, writing, and critical thinking throughout content instruction to increase learning.With step-by-step instructions, a wealth of examples, and numerous student reproducibles, the book presents an approach that secondary teachers can implement across all content areas. Roberta L. Sejnost and Sharon M. Thiese focus on research-based practices that increase comprehension and learning while meeting standards, including: Techniques that foster the acquisition and retention of specialized and technical content vocabularyProcesses to help students better comprehend narrative and expository texts Approaches to help students use writing and speaking to process their new knowledge and make it their ownTechniques for promoting the literacies needed to effectively use various media sourcesMethods for scaffolding instruction for students with special needsBuilding Content Literacy is an ideal resource for delivering developmentally appropriate learning experiences and strengthening adolescent's academic achievement in every content area.

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