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21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook

Charles B. Wankel (Hrsg.)

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21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook highlights the topics, issues, questions and debates that any student obtaining a degree in the field of management must master to be effective in today′s business world. Providing authoritative insight into the key issues covered in both undergraduate and corporate coursework, this resource offers a particular emphasis on the current structure of the topic in the literature, key threads of discussion and research on the topic, and emerging trends. The Handbook assists readers in structuring meaningful papers and presentation, selecting management areas in which to take elective coursework, and orienting themselves toward a career.

Key Features:

  • Offers a free online Teaching Resource Guide, available through the SAGE web site, to provide lecture ideas, homework assignments, ideas for in-class case studies or workshops, team assignments, and more
  • Examines topics through the prisms of globalization and new information technologies, including issues such as remote leadership
  • Takes and ethical and ecological approach to topics such as entrepreneurship to reflect cutting-edge interest
  • Addresses post-September 11 security and crisis management issues
  • Presents insights into 21st-century business issues such as excessive work and outsourcing
  • Discusses diversity, including gender, ethnicity, and age
  • Includes issues of managing nonprofit arts, medical, sports, and philanthropic organizations in the 21st century

This authoritative reference serves students′ research needs with information that is more detailed than encyclopedia entries but without the jargon or density of a journal article. The reader who familiarizes him-or herself with the topics included in this Handbook will be at an advantage in any job interview for a position in business.

Course textbooks typically are accompanied by instructor resource manuals containing suggested student assignments, activities, and lecture ideas associated with the various chapters and topics. In contrast, reference books often are delivered without such aids. So this free on-line resource manual is unique. For each chapter within Charles Wankel′s 21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook, the chapter author has developed a thought exercise, a lecture idea, a team exercise, paper topic, or similar resource to reinforce the basic ideas within the chapter through an innovative hands-on activity transcending the more constrained assignments included with many management textbooks. Thus, reference librarians can maximize use of the handbook in their collection by referring business and management instructors to this supply of ready-made activities to assist them when they direct students to specific chapters of the handbook as part of their coursework. It′s hoped that this will assist librarians in their supportive dialogues with faculty and students, and business and management subject specialists and liaisons are encouraged to share this resource with their management faculty.