New Venture Creation : An Innovator's Guide to Entrepreneurship

An Innovator's Guide to Entrepreneurship

Marc H. (Northeastern University, USA) Meyer, Frederick G. (Northeastern University, USA) Crane

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Structured around the idea that innovation is at the core of successful entrepreneurship, this insightful guide by Meyer and Crane establishes innovation as a necessary first step before writing a business plan or developing a financial model. With a focus on pragmatic methods for gaining industry and customer insight and translating this insight into innovative product and service solutions, Meyer and Crane help students design robust business models, financial projections, business plans, and investor presentations. New Venture Creation is devoted to helping students develop compelling business ideas. This is based not only on the authors’ well-known research in product and service innovation, but also on their extensive experience as successful entrepreneurs and investors. In the updated Second Edition, part I guides students through six elements that comprise a clearly defined and focused venture: defining your target industry; defining your target customers; defining the needs and wants of those customers; defining winning product and service solutions; carefully designing a strong business model; determining competitive positioning, and then testing the entire concept against a small population of target customers—all before writing the plan. Think, design, test, and learn are the guiding principles. Part II then focuses on different types of investors and the process for raising capital, creating realistic financial projections, writing a concise but powerful business plan, organizing the venture team, and creating a compelling pitch that speaks to the needs and concerns of investors. The book also includes a number of independent case studies that focus on product, service, and business model innovation—all from recent ventures by students as well as recent college or master’s level graduates.