Superintendent Leadership

Applying the Educational Leadership Constituent Council Standards for Improved District Performance

Elaine L. Wilmore

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"Targeted to meet the needs of superintendents or those aspiring to the position. The stories, vignettes, and reflective exercises for the reader are major strengths."
—Dan Lawson, Superintendent
Tullahoma City Schools, TN

"This is the first professional book that I have found exciting to read in a long time—I really couldn′t put it down! It made me immediately want to gather my leadership team together to devise our own plan. A terrific discussion starter, as well as a step-by-step plan for implementing and assessing new programs."
—Marie Blum, Superintendent
Canaseraga Central School District, NY

Maximize districtwide performance through realistic, standards-based practice!

Written by the past president of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration, this valuable resource examines the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that superintendents must develop to effectively manage change in today′s schools.

Elaine L. Wilmore examines the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) standards—the new benchmarks established by NCATE and ISLLC for a highly effective superintendency—and shows how administrators can incorporate each standard into their global vision and everyday practice. Through case studies, problem-based learning, an assessment model, and reflective questions and activities, this reader-friendly handbook discusses ways for superintendents to:

  • Attain proficiency in each ELCC standard
  • Develop a positive district culture
  • Manage operations, resources, and community involvement

Superintendent Leadership is ideal for the development of future superintendents and the continuous professional learning of current administrators as leaders of the learning community.

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