Don't Teach the Canaries Not to Sing

Creating a School Culture That Boosts Achievement

Robert D. Ramsey

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"e;There are other books on school culture, but the tell-it-like-it-is, no-holds-barred style of writing makes this a book I would recommend to others."e;-Frank Buck, Curriculum & Special Education Supervisor Talladega City Schools, AL"e;The clear, concise themes for each chapter are backed by research and provide an understanding of what needs to be done to improve school climate. This book could be used by a building or district team study to measure the cultural temperature, by teacher teams to start a grassroots movement to improve school climate, or by reflective leaders who want to continuously improve their organizations."e;-Edward J. Drugo, Principal Latrobe Elementary School, PAImprove school culture and relationships to ensure peak performance by students and staff!This practical how-to handbook clearly defines what school culture is, where it comes from, how it works, and why it is critically important. The author provides a total package with all the tools necessary for developing a school culture that maximizes student performance, empowers staff members, welcomes and engages parents, and energizes community support. Readers will find:A profile of a healthy school cultureTips for assessing how your school measures upWays to spot warning signs and avoid pitfalls Frequently asked questions and common concerns about creating a positive school cultureThrough concrete, real-world examples, authoritative insights, and useful explorations, this compact volume for principals and administrators demystifies the concept of school culture and points the way toward building a strong, collaborative school community.

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