Time of the Wolf

A Novel of Medieval England

James Wilde

ca. 20,62
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Belletristik / Historische Romane und Erzählungen


The national bestselling story of England's real-life Robin Hood. ';A masterful tale, graphic and gory, and loaded with medieval history' (Publishers Weekly). A London Times bestseller, this rousing historical debut rescues one of England's forgotten heroes from the mists of medieval history and brings him to brutal and bloody life. 1062, a time many fear is the End of Days. With the EnglishKing Edward heirless and ailing, across the grey seasin Normandy the brutal William the Bastard waits for themoment when he can drown England in a tide of blood. Theravens of war are gathering. But as the king's closest advisorsscheme and squabble amongst themselves, hopes ofresisting the naked ambition of the Norman duke come torest with just one man: Hereward. To some a ruthless warrior and master tactician, to othersa devil in human form, Hereward is as adept in the art ofwarfare as the foes that gather to claim England's throne.But in his country's hour of greatest need, his enemies atcourt have made him an outlaw. To stay aliveand a freemanhe must carve a bloody swath from the frozen landsoutside the court in this evocative tale of a man whosedeeds will become the stuff of legend.

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