Necessary Thorns of Life

Mrs Edith Osa Agun

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


"This is my own testimony about these book Necessary thorns of life. It is from a message preached by a man of God Rev. Emmanuel Ufuah. The message was too real to me and I started praising God the whole day. I was in another realm of the spirit, I was filled with joy like never before. I became so light in my body. In my life I have never had such a feeling. This book is inspirational, and to teach you how to manage thorns of life. Because they are always there at any stage in life. You can not run away from thorns. No thorn, No Crown, No thorn, No testimony." With this write up little of the testimony and about the book will give an idea about the book. Yours faithfully Edith O Agun

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